Today, with soaring fuel prices and the health of the planet, a change of habits is needed, especially from a driving point of view. But how can we drive on the roads while being ecologically responsible? How to choose the right eco-friendly car?

Understanding eco-driving

Eco-driving, or economical driving, is a modern and profitable way of driving that emphasizes fuel efficiency, speed and safety. The term "eco-citizen driving" can also be used. It also contributes to good car maintenance and promotes a sustainable transport system. Some eco-driving tips work best with a manual gearbox, and anyone can apply them. Whether you're driving a commercial truck or a hybrid vehicle, eco-driving techniques help the driver use fuel efficiently. In order to embrace this trend, it is important to follow certain approaches and focus on a few points in the car.

Simple eco-driving tips

In order to be eco-responsible, one must conform to several driving behaviours. First of all, it is advisable to use the vehicle as little as possible. Carpooling or public transport is the first choice for driving. This decision will considerably reduce the emission of carbon dioxide or CO2. If the prospect of travelling on foot or by bicycle arises, it should be seized. In addition to maintaining well-being, it will also save on fuel. As a driver, driving thoughtfully will save the lives of the passengers, the vehicle, and the planet. By keeping your foot off the gas, you will avoid increasing engine speed and over-consumption of fuel. Don't forget to turn off the air conditioning in the passenger compartment if it doesn't need to be turned on. Also, don't neglect your car's maintenance and technical inspection. However, battery and oil changes must be carried out in a responsible manner. Do not dispose of these items in the environment.

Additional reflexes

And to go further, we can start by getting rid of internal combustion cars and adopt hybrid or electric cars. These so-called ecological cars are environmentally friendly, with their well-thought-out motorization. We can also choose vehicles that run on biofuel. Finally, buyers must be aware of the car's carbon emissions and not just the fuel consumption.