Over the past few years, the automobile market has evolved considerably. Consumers now want to drive in a more eco-responsible way. This is why they are turning more towards hybrid and electric cars. But before being able to determine which pollutes the least, a little review is needed.

What is the difference between these two models?

Although they have been on the market for a long time, citizens are not always able to tell the difference. The hybrid car is a conventional car to which a battery has been added. What is the purpose of the battery? To be able to recover the energy and transform it into electricity. It is this energy that will allow the car to drive several hundred meters in a 100% "electric" way. As for the electric car, it is an electric motor that drives it. Therefore, there is no fuel tank. To recharge it, you have to find a public charging station. But unfortunately this is not always easy, especially outside the big cities.

What about their consumption?

As a reminder, it is during the starting and braking phases that energy is accumulated in the case of the hybrid car. So it can't be driven for very long in electric mode. Which is rather a shame given the carbon emissions produced by normal engines. This makes hybrid cars a real source of pollution. For electric cars, they can't drive for long. So they need to be recharged as often as possible. But it's a big expense in electricity if it is not recycled.

In conclusion?

It is necessary to remember that even if the electric car does not pollute the air, electricity does. Indeed, it takes a certain amount of energy to produce it. The same goes for the manufacture of these cars, which uses polluting and rare materials. Finally, according to studies, electric cars produce as much CO2 as gasoline-powered cars. Concerning hybrid cars, it is difficult to drive "electric" as often as possible. Especially for large car models. Thus, we can say that hybrid cars are the least polluting. But for them to become truly eco-responsible, green electricity must be used. The same goes for electric cars. Beyond this aspect, we also need to change their manufacturing system by using, for example, recycled materials. But we will also have to adapt our consumption patterns towards something more responsible.