Biofuel is a sustainable, efficient, environmentally friendly and recyclable vegetable oil-based fuel, including used oil. Sulphur dioxide emissions are eliminated because there is no sulphur in biofuels. In general, the potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the trucking industry is high.

Why is there a need for biofuels?

To fight climate change, the world needs biofuels. Biofuels offer a solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from traffic. Other solutions, such as switching to electric cars, are not even a choice because of, for example, the high cost of vehicles or the lack of grid load. We need to use natural resources more efficiently and use renewable energies, such as biofuels, to be able to meet this growing demand. Biofuels help improve and maintain energy supplies by increasing the world's dependence on fossil fuels. The use of waste and residues as feedstock for biofuels is a good example of responding to the needs of a circular economy.

What are the benefits of biofuels?

The number one advantage for coal and oil must be public services. It is well defined, able to consistently use the knowledge needed to exploit these opportunities and the equipment to exploit them. Perhaps their energy production is the most important benefit of energy sources. In a sufficiently small area, fossil fuels carry enough resources to make them practical enough for a variety of uses, especially transport. The same cannot be said for many biofuels and electricity, which require large batteries and generally provide only part of the renewable energy capacity. However, fossil fuels are economical and have benefits that go beyond their energy applications. For industries ranging from rubber to medical and laboratory research, they provide raw materials. Their uses go far beyond energy.

What are the disadvantages of biofuels?

The disadvantages of fossil fuels are well established. They are in limited quantities, which means that we will end up being low and prices will start to rise. They will disappear completely. Even if this problem could be solved, the huge environmental impacts of fossil fuels would not be avoided, whether it be oil spills, acid rain or global warming.