Some drivers often confuse hubcaps and rims, even though they are two very distinct elements. They may be made from the same materials and they are intended for the wheels, but these two components of a car do not play the same roles. While the wheel trim, as the name suggests, serves as a decorative element, the rims serve as a support. Follow the details.

What are hubcaps used for?

The hubcap is an accessory, unlike the rim, which is an indispensable component. It is simply used to decorate sheet metal rims, which may not look right for owners. Its installation therefore depends largely on the owner of the vehicle. The hubcap is placed over the rim, usually made of sheet metal, and clips on. It is classified in the category of what is called a wheel cover, allowing the vehicle's wheels to be personalised by providing aesthetic support. It plays no role in protection and has no use in the composition of the tyre. This is why it can be dispensed with if no additional decorative touches are required. It can therefore be fitted to both new and used cars.

What about the rims?

The rim is one of the indispensable components that make up the wheel. It provides the link between the tyre and the hub allowing the vehicle to roll. On older car models, it seals out dirt and moisture and keeps all the delicate moving parts well greased. Installation of this equipment is therefore essential. Today's commercially available rim models have more elaborate and intricate designs, unlike the dull, worn-out rims of a few years ago. This will give an additional aesthetic touch to the vehicle, provided that you make the right choice. This will eliminate the need for hubcaps. There are many advantages of rims over hubcaps besides the fact that they are there to support the car.

How to choose the right rims for your car?

To choose the right wheel rims, aesthetics should not be the only element to be taken into account. Just like your tyres, the choice of a rim must be adapted to the size of your tyres and the model of car. You should also take into consideration the materials with which the rims are made. They can be made of aluminium, steel or composite. Aluminium is more recommended because of its lightness and its ability to cool the braking system. Before buying, do not forget to check the distance between the mounting system and the hub.