Choosing tires is one of the decisions that should never be taken lightly. There are many criteria to take into account when you want to have the right tires. In addition to brands and prices, you should also consider the weather conditions to help you choose the most suitable tyres. Summer, winter, rain, know that each season has its corresponding tires. Discover them in this article.

The right tyre model for the summer period

The ideal summer tyre is one that has little tread, but also one that retains a large surface area of contact with the ground. This type of tire really adheres to dry ground, which gives it better handling and very good traction. This type of tire is particularly useful on sports vehicles in order to get the most out of them on dry ground.

The ideal type of tyre for rainy conditions

As for this type of tyre, it is specially designed so that the shape of its tread pattern evacuates water to the sides as much as possible, to maintain better contact on wet ground. Compared to the summer tyre, the rain tyre has a slightly reduced surface area in contact with the ground. Indeed, the performance of this model of tyre on dry ground seems slightly inferior. On the other hand, when it is used in winter, it is much more powerful than when it is used in summer. This type of tire is oriented for safety rather than performance. Any vehicle model can really use the rain tire, except sports car models.

The type of tire to use during the winter period

It offers amazing results on ice as well as on snow with its many deep carvings, which are also called lamellae. During very cold seasons below 7°C, the rubber in other tires loses its key performance characteristics. For all situations, whatever they may be, on snow, ice, in the cold,... know that the winter tyre or snow tyre is always perfect. In any case, it is important to know that during a good season, the winter tire is much less efficient compared to the summer tire.