We spend a good part of our lives in our cars, especially for travellers. Why not make this time a very pleasant one? Smelling a sweet perfume motivates us to stay in the car for a long time. The tricks!

Grandma's Recipes

Who hasn't already tried to find a miracle recipe to get good perfume in the car. Indeed, all options are good as long as they remove the unpleasant odor nuisance during the trip. One tip that many people have probably already applied is baking soda. How do you do it? Nothing could be easier. Put a small amount of baking soda in a cup, then add two drops of lavender essential oil. And that's it, you have a homemade home fragrance to your taste. Just be careful to place it on the cup holder so that it doesn't spill. In addition, replace it every two or three weeks to perfect its effectiveness. Thanks to the baking soda, the inside of your car always smells good. It's a simple and effective trick.

Spraying air freshener or perfume in the car

The trick of baking soda is very simple. However, its effect is not long-lasting. It is better to try air freshener or car perfume. A solution that can be purchased in department stores near you. On the other hand, its effect is short-lived because it is very volatile. The perfume will last a whole day, and you can put some back on the next day. A box of air freshener, therefore, can last about a month.

The recommended product: the special car fragrance diffuser

You are then offered the best alternative that is made for you. A car fragrance diffuser, in fact, is more durable than other options. Its operation is very simple. When you buy the fragrance diffuser, the fragrance can already be included, otherwise you can also buy a refill. The scent will last for three months or more. You only need to add more perfume when you can no longer smell it. In addition, the car fragrance diffuser does not need to be changed all the time, except when the owner finds a really attractive model that he wants to buy at all costs. In addition, the cost of a car fragrance diffuser is very affordable and suitable for all categories. All three of these alternatives are feasible for scenting the atmosphere in the car. Why not opt for a sustainable solution?